Some documentation

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Source code

The source code is managed under Git. To get it, make sure you have Git installed and use:

git clone superkb-git

Also, the source code has a lot of FIXME which need work. They are documented throughout the code.


a simple make should do it. However, in some distributions, you must issue the command two times.

Superkb uses a file named "configuration" to keep track of detected system settings. This file can contain the following directives:


A simple make install should do. Paths are fixed at this moment.


Superkb looks for a file named .superkbrc in the $HOME directory. The file is interpreted as a script, so if a command conflicts with another, the second one wins. Comments are indicated by a pound sign (#) and the rest of the line is ignored. Basic syntax is "KEYWORD value", but if a value includes a space, it must be enclosed in double quotation marks. Currently supported directives are: